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  • Adrianne Fahey

    2Feet 2Health Reflexology Center

    Are you interested in more natural, noninvasive therapies to better your health?

    Come explore Reflexology, Reiki and Bach Flower remedies.  These tools  reduce stress, promote relaxation, improve circulation, decrease pain and anxiety, and enhance overall health.

    Adrianne Fahey is located near 58th Avenue and Garrison Street in Arvada, in the Park Center Office complex at 8795 Ralston Road. Conveniently located just north of I-70 between Wadsworth Boulevard and Kipling Street.

    Adrianne helps people deal with stress, pain, and anxiety.  She uses Reflexology to aid in the healing process, with a goal of overall health.  Reflexology involves the use of alternating pressure applied to the feet.  It is profoundly relaxing and is the first step in the body balancing and healing itself.  Performed on a fully clothed person, Reflexology is recognized as a distinct modality by the American Massage Therapy Association.

    Adrianne mastered Reiki I, II and III in 1995 followed by Reflexology in 1997. She opened her private practice more than a decade ago and has been nationally certified in Reflexology for many years. She is a member of ARC, RAA and ICR and is certified as a Bach Flower practitioner.

    Contact Adrianne so she can help lead you on a journey of self-healing using Reflexology, Reiki and Bach Flower remedies.

    2Feet 2Health Reflexology Center
    8795 Ralston Road, Suite 242
    Arvada, CO  80002

    (303) 432-3932


    Adrianne Fahey, Reflexology
    8795 Ralston Road, Suite 242
    Arvada, CO 80002

    Adrianne offers  free initial 15-minute reflexology session by appointment on the first Saturday of every month.