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  • Lynn Kimbrough

    USANA Health Sciences Independent Associate

    Are you really giving your body the cellular nutrition it needs to be healthy?

    USANA is the highest rated supplement available.  These high-quality vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are what your body needs for good health.

    These are the official supplements for the Women’s Tennis Association.

    Lynn Kimbrough is located in Arvada, Colorado.  She is an Independent Associate for USANA and can help you find the best nutritional supplements for your life and lifestyle.

    If a daily supplement doesn’t have the right ingredients at the right levels, it simply won’t work. USANA is committed to creating the finest quality products on the market using the right ingredients, the right amounts, the right balance, the right formulas and the right manufacturing.

    USANA supplements are supported by scientific research and made with the highest quality ingredients.  These are pharmaceutical grade products with unparalleled results.

    USANA offers cellular nutrition with high quality antioxidants and specially patented self-preserving skin care products.

    USANA received a Gold Medal award in the most recent Nutritional Comparative Guide for it’s Essential supplements!

    USANA Health Sciences Independent Associate
    Arvada, Colorado



    Lynn offers a free online health assessment.