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  • Carl Janicek, Dht, RMT

    Medicine Wheel Consultants

    Are you interested in good health that goes beyond just treating symptoms?  Do you have a health challenge that western medicine has not been able help with?

    Come experience an alternative method to good health and true wellness.  Using a homeopathic approach, Carl Janicek will work with you to assess your body’s needs and find an effective treatment.

    Carl Janicek is located in the western metro area just off I-70 and Lookout Mountain Road at 306 South Lookout Mountain Road, Golden, Colorado.

    Carl works with people who are looking for an effective general practitioner to help with everything from maintaining wellness to treating chronic conditions.  This includes personal health assessments, classic homeopathic treatment and the use of essential oils.

    He has worked in the healing arts since the early 1970’s, beginning at Craig Rehabilitation Hospital as a technician and eventually as an assistant physical therapist.  Carl has been in private practice since 1985 and continues to study health and wellness all over the world.  He continues to pursue his passion of how essential oils can support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, using Young Living™ Essential Oils.

    Carl has a BS in Pastoral Wellness and Nutrition from Notre Dame de Laffeyette University, and a Doctorate in Homeo-therapeutics from the Academy of Applied Quantum Bio-Technology.  He has also studied at the Colorado School of Healing Arts, Healing Arts Institute, Institute of Integral Health, and Dynamis School of Homeopathy.  He is a frequent lecturer and has traveled around the world.

    Medicine Wheel Consultants, Inc.
    306 S. Lookout Mountain Road, Suite C
    Golden, Colorado 80401



    Carl Janicek, Dht, RMT
    306 S. Lookout Mountain Road, Suite C
    Golden, CO 80401